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6 Value Picks for Investors: Strategists
12 May 2011 EDT -

There are several firms that offer value to investors' portfolios, said Sandy Lincoln, chief investment strategist at M&I Investment Management, and Mark Travis, CEO of Intrepid Capital Funds.

Lincoln Likes:

Cloud Peak Energy

Jarden —“It’s getting double-digit, mid-teens earnings growth for this year,” Lincoln told CNBC.

“They distribute Mr. Coffee and Crock Pot, and this is a company that’s got a good story going on—and all wrapped in a P/E multiple of about 10 or 11 times earnings for next year’s earnings, so we think this is a good entry point.”

Travis Likes:

Tellabs —“We’re buying the company a little below tangible book value…We think the stock’s worth about $7," Travis said of the firm.

Tekelec —“About half the market cap is in cash and the share’s at book value—They’re worth closer to $12.”


Tecmo Koei Holdings (not traded in U.S.)

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    ______________________________ Disclosures:

    Lincoln does not personally own CLD or JAH.

    Lincoln owns CLD & JAH within M&I Wealth Management and/or Marshall Funds.

    Travis owns shares of TLB, SCHL and Tecmo via ownership of the Intrepid Capital Funds.



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