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March Madness: By The Numbers
12 Mar 2012 EDT -
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With the NCAA men's basketball tournament field finally set, it's time to break down the bracket in our own unique way.

0: Number, in dollars, the players make for anything.

1: Number of teams Crons has in the Tournament. The upstart apparel brand founded by former Pitt standout Pat Cavanaugh does business with #16 UNC Asheville. The company outfitted Robert Morris in previous tournaments

3.99: Amount, in dollars, fans have to pay if they want the ability to watch all the games on the March Madness app. While it's the first time there's a fee, there shouldn't be much complaining -- it comes out to 5.9 cents a game.

4: Number of teams Under Armour has in the Tournament (Lamar, Loyola, South Florida & Temple).

5: Number of teams Russell has in the Tournament. While the Russell brand has seemingly disappeared, this is a very strong showing. Norfolk State, Western Kentucky, Mississippi Valley State, Colorado State and Ohio all wear Russell uniforms.

8: Number of consecutive champions who have had the color blue in their uniform

10: Number of teams that adidas has in the Tournament. Its best chance to have a team win the title lies in Kansas and Baylor.

17: Percent of people who say they've won more than $200 in a tournament pool, according to a study.

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