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Show Entire Article Needs Better Prize For Bracket Contest | March 17, 2011 | 12:46 PM EDT

Winning's Tournament Challenge is a huge accomplishment. It means winning a fantasy contest that involves more entries than any other contest.

But if you win and your bracket comes out on the top of what will be more than six million entries from more than three million people, don't expect to retire or even buy a half of a car.

At $10,000, it's probably the worst prize in all of sports fandom, considering the stakes, that is.

I'm pretty sure that the low prize, which has stayed steady despite the growth of the contest, has something to do with the network's partnership with the NCAA and the broadcasting of college basketball games.

NCAA executives have been outwardly uncomfortable with the so-called fantasy games. It's why, despite the obvious fair use of statistics and the demand for it, you won't find any games on any broadcaster's site that allow you to choose a fantasy team of college players for the tournament.

It’s probably also the reason why you’ll find that in the fine print doesn’t technically award the prize. Instead the sponsor, State Farm, does.

The bracket contest prize doesn't hurt from a participation standpoint. So many fill out brackets just to use the scoring system and to see how they stack up against the rest of the sports world. But it does hurt the sponsor. State Farm sponsors the Tournament Challenge, while Sprint sponsors the actual brackets.

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