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50 Signs You're Addicted To Twitter | December 06, 2011 | 11:28 AM EST

It has become a tradition to do a list when I hit a Twitter follower milestone.

In January of this year, when I hit 50,000 followers, I put out my 13 Golden Rules .

In July, when I hit 100,000 followers, I expanded the list to 100 .

But today, my 150,000 follower milestone will be a bit different.

Today, my list is appropriately "50 Signs You're Addicted To Twitter."

1. Your "bathroom breaks" have increased by 140% since joining Twitter.

2. You've ignored incoming phone calls because you happened to be in the middle of composing a solid tweet.

3. You've reached the point of actually rooting for red lights while driving.

4. You curse when the lights turn green.

5. Your Klout score has suddenly become more important than your credit score.

6. Your Twitter anxiety level has an inverse relationship with the battery power bar on your cell phone.

7. You've caught yourself thinking, "If it isn't on Twitter yet, it hasn't happened."

8. When you say "watch the game," you mean "read tweets about it."

9. When you instinctively know how many characters a sentence is without looking.

10. You associate whales with Twitter more than with SeaWorld.

11. Whenever you play with your phone, the people you’re with automatically assume you’re tweeting.

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