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It’s Getting Harder For Student-Athletes To Use Social Media | January 13, 2012 | 01:06 PM EST

As many of you know, I’ve been a strong advocate of letting student-athletes tweet and post to Facebook.

Forget about the freedom part , it’s simply a part of living life these days. So I’ve blasted coaches who tell their players that they are no longer allowed to tweet or use Facebook.

I understand why the coach does this: There are more problems that could occur. So instead of teaching kids how to use social media and learning to trust their athletes, they just say no. But it is taking away an educational experience and an important mode of communication for the athletes now and for the future.

The coaches that ban social media are out there. What’s not out there are many of the internal memos schools are sending athletes in regard to social media conduct.

A volleyball player in a Conference USA school received this note this week.

Twitter Rules


To send a "Direct Message" to a prospect AFTER the National Letter of Intent signing

To post general information such as game scores and team/facilities updates (not created for recruiting purpose)


To "follow" or be "followed" by a prospect PRIOR to signing of NLI

To tweet about a prospect in any manner PRIOR to the singing of an NLI

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