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What to Expect from the Financial Markets in 2012 | January 18, 2012 | 09:48 AM EST

  • The U.S. stock market has a rip-your-face-off rally. Sometime next year, the stock market will experience a huge rally that will make suckers of all the pessimists like me. Shorts will get clobbered; those sitting on the sidelines will look foolish. — John Carney
  • Equities gain but stock-picking rules.With the Fed on hold, and the economy chugging along at slow speed, stocks can still go higher. Strategists see just marginal gains in 2012. It should prove better to be a stock-picker than to just rely on those returns from sectors and indices. — Patti Domm
  • Hard times for ETFs and Chinese stocks.As market volatility continues, expect regulators and politicians to seek a scapegoat. The most likely target, because it has the least lobbying power: Leveraged ETFs. And accounting issues continue to hamper Chinese stocks that trade in the U.S. But with their stock values already pummeled, nobody cares. — Herb Greenberg
  • The U.S. stock market will continue to outperform Europe and the rest of the world. U.S. economic data in the fourth quarter is already outpacing Europe and will continue to do so at least into the first half of 2012. — Bob Pisani
  • U.S.

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